Approved Helmets

The passing of the recent remit at the RAS conference regarding the wearing of approved safety helmets has raised some questions from both  competitors and the A&P Shows as to whether there is any exemption period, how will compliance be monitored, how will people know about the riling and so on. The RAS Executive have reviewed the remit, and the RAS Constitution. The Constitution is explicit in saying that any remits passed take effect immediately so all helmets must be compliant and tagged for the upcoming 2017/18 season to contest any RAS class at an A&P Show.
For further information on this remit please follow this link.
 How do you get your helmet tagged? Check out the link on the ESNZ website for all tagging days and opportunities
Competitors remember to thank the people tagging the helmets. They are volunteers and taking their time to help the equestrian sport and keep everyone safe. If your helmet is not checked and tagged you run the risk of not being able to compete at your A &P Show.

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