Taranaki Tucker Bag Awards

Big news for this years show, we have the legendary restaurateur Fleur Sullivan and Guilio Sturla from Roots Restaurant in Lyttleton coming to town for the Hawera Auto Court Egmont Show. Alongside food writer Emma Boyd they will judge the new Filbee & Associates Taranaki Tucker Bag Awards at 10am on Sunday 22nd November. Find the entry form on the Show Schedules page of the Website.

Fleur & Giulio will also team up with local food identity Linda Morrison to cook a fundraising dinner at the Tairoa Lodge Church Hall on Saturday 21st November. Tickets are $150 per person and there are only 48 available so contact the show office to book your seat for a chance to meet these culinary heroes.

When British television chef and restaurateur Rick Stein was told he could choose to go anywhere in the world to write a travel article for English newspaper the Daily Mail, he chose Fleur’s Place in Moeraki, New Zealand. The restaurant established on an early whaling station site in 2002 and is built from gathered collectables and demolition materials from all over New Zealand. Fleur has made her reputation in Central Otago where she established Olivers restaurant and has received numerous awards for her restaurants and in recognition for her contribution to tourism.

Giulio Sturla has not only won the coveted Cuisine Magazine Restaurant of the Year Award he is the man behind the idea of the ConversatioNZ, says: “We want to create a strong community around food; what we grow, what we know, what we eat and what we create or plate, and to push ourselves to the next level. We want to share what we do and to be inspired.” New Zealand is not widely known as a world food destination. We have however something very unique – climate that is very kind and an environment that offers stunning quality produce from land and sea. There is so much knowledge and talent right here and a foundation of developing strong food culture.

Emma Boyd is an Industrial Engineer who wrote a food blog for the website when she worked in the design department at Fisher & Paykel. More recently she has started a new career as a food writer with her recipes featuring on our own Daily News fortnightly and in Cuisine Magazine. Emma teams up with her partner Nick Jones and 2 young children to visit Taranaki from their Devonport home to judge at the show. Nick will be judging the hotly contested Beer Brewing Section and his company Indemic sponsors the big prize a fermenter for the winner of the Supreme Brew.

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